Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 1 Teaching Shakespeare Institute: Is all our company met?

Here are some of my musings for arrival day at American University:

After a pretty uneventful flight, I arrived at the lovely American University campus.  I am from Texas and not used to seeing trees, grass, and flowers everywhere.  In the midst of all this splendor was the shock of seeing huge trees that were splintered by the storm a few days ago--very scary.

The TSI staff was there to greet me and carry my luggage to my dorm.  They are extremely courteous and dedicated.  We are staying in the Centennial dorms for the duration of the institute (4 weeks).  I have a double room, but am the only one in it.  I have a suite mate named Sarah who teaches in Long Island.  The dorms are very nice (air conditioned, carpeted,and quiet).

This evening, we had our first get together where Bob Young went over our schedule.  It is going to be intense!  We have a variety of lectures, colloquia, and performance workshops.  We also will have lesson plans, scholarly papers, video projects, and are expected to spend our Saturdays at the Folger researching. 

Mega-coolness ---> Everyday at 3:00, the Folger Library serves tea!!

We did the usual introduce your partner which included which Shakespeare play is your favorite (I went with Othello).  Then we did a great activity called "Shakespeare in a Can" by Michael Tolaydo (prof at St. Mary's of Maryland).  Here is how it went:

Shakespeare in a Can

  • You need 3 coffee cans.
  • In can 1, you put in a quote from a Shakespeare play (most of these were funny insults)
  • In can 2, you put a location (restaurant, school room, gas station, etc)
  • In can 3, you put another quote (again, they were funny ones)
In groups of 5, the group improves the scene using Quote 1 as the start and Quote 2 as the end.  The middle is done using "regular" language and must evoke the setting for the audience.   Improvs can be as short or long as you wish, but the important part is to get the amalgam of Shakespeare and normal speech.  It was lots of fun!

Tomorrow, we have a late start day which will be great for me since I am in a new time zone.  We have lectures on Comedy of Errors (our first play), Introduction to Curriculum, Introduction to Performance and finally a tour of DC in the evening.

As I enjoy my cup of tea in my new swanky Folger Library cup, I bid you goodnight.


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  1. Thanks for the chronicle, Greta. I'm going to be creating a blogspot blog for my portfolio as well.