Monday, July 30, 2012

First Day of School--Comedy of Errors

For those of you who have been reading my TSI updates, you are probably wondering--is she back at school?  The answer is YES!!

We are on year round school, so today was our first day back with students.  I missed 5 days of staff development while I was in DC.  I am at a new campus this year as well.

So, I felt like Dromio in Comedy of Errors (shout out to Kim Dickstein in Jersey)!  I had no idea what was going on.

Here are some funny moments from the first day:

1.  We have no bells because we are housed in portables.  I have no idea when classes start or end!  (problem resolved at 10:30).

2.  My Promethean board was not mirroring my desktop and when I reset it, it showed the desktop upside down!  This is after I tell the kids about my blog, twitter, edmodo, and livebinders.  They were probably thinking, "this lady can't even use a smartboard!"  (problem resolved around 11:30).

3.  I get an email from a friend who wants to call me in-district, and asks for my phone extension.  I don't know it!  It's not on my phone!  I have to email my secretary and ask for my phone number! (problem resolved around 11:00).

4.  I only know about 5 people at my new campus, so I am perpetually introducing myself to people and acting like a complete dork!

5.  I don't know where the bathroom is!  (Resolved at 12:05)

My new school is an Early College High School, so the students are given quite a bit of freedom because they are taking college classes and we are a small campus.  Students must apply to come to our school and we have a population of 500.  It is great to have class sizes of 25 or below and have students who really want to be there.

Here are the things that went well today:

1.  My lesson!  Today students wrote letters to themselves.  They addressed their educational and social goals.  I am keeping the letters for the week before they graduated.  I made sure they added in their favorite music, crushes, etc.  These things will be really humorous when they read them in 2016.

2.  My Shakespeare Set Free lesson!  I did silent scenes today and taught kids about tableaux.  They had a great time getting up and acting out scenes.  When they were done, I asked about some basic relationships they saw in the scenes.  When I told them they were all from Shakespeare, they couldn't believe it.

That's my day.  Amidst the chaos, Master Shakespeare did not let me down!

I miss my TSI friends and faculty, but I am so happy to be back in the classroom.  I love the new year and all its possibilities. 

Blessed to be Teaching!


  1. Dear Mrs. Brasgalla,
    I'm sorry to see that #5, unlike the first 3, was never resolved; it must have made for a very long day! On your letter-writing project, there is a website where you can send a letter to the future to receive at a specified date. You could have the students use that.
    Mark Warren

  2. Ha Ha! I edited it to show that it was resolved at 12:05 :)

  3. Resolved when I finished reading this email: You're my hero.