Thursday, July 19, 2012

Othello Bedding? Thursday of Junior Week at TSI

I feel like I am living in a crucible today!  I would not be able to survive without my TSI buddies.  We are constantly relying on each other to talk us down from our excruciating stress!  Today, I think about 4 of us cried from pure frustration, exhaustion, and heat.  I have the additional stress of missing next week at my school which is staff development week.

Morning Lecture with Stephen Dickey:  Othello and the Other

Stephen discussed Othello and women as "others."  We focused on word play once again (Moor and More) and, of course, the sexual connotations throughout the play.  One of the best moments was Stephen's use of the ad for the LaCoste Othello BEDDING!  That's right, bedding for smothering your wife.

Othello bedding

Stephen even had the customer comments including "the red bleeds all over the white"  Oh so inappropriate!  Using the term "charivari" which is a serenade of rough music meant to interrupt the wedding night of unpopular couples.  Using this, Othello could possibly be just a long instance of coitus interruptus. 

Performance Workshop with Michael Tolaydo

I love Michael Tolaydo!  He is so brilliant and comes at all his lessons from his own issues with ADD and reading. We are working on a scene and did the following steps:
  1. Read through scene assigning parts
  2. Read through scene (read around) for plot
  3. Read through scene (read around) for words using glosses and dictionaries
  4. Read around changing reader at each major punctuation mark and then read it super fast
  5. Divide into groups and let kids block/direct it.  Don't let one person dominate.  Great process and the end result is great but not the lesson.

Here's a picture from yesterday when we went out for Sarah's birthday.  I am seated next to my lovely friend, Rob Barker, technological expert extraordinaire and my competition for over-achiever award.  My suite mate Sara is next to me.  My other goofy friend Debbie is in the back corner next to her TSI "husband" Darren.  These people make me laugh!

Blessed to be a teacher!

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