Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rhetorically Castrated and Glamour Shots: Day 7 of TSI

Today we talked a lot about testicles...yeah, that's right.  Even in the hallowed halls of the Folger, we sometimes talk about some raunchy stuff.

Morning Lecture:  Stephen Dickey, "The Merchant of Venice:  The Kindness of Strangers or a Good Man is Hard to Find"

Oooh, you had me at the Flannery O'Connor reference!  Stephen went through a multitude of wordplay examples from Merchant today. 

Gentile/gentle (would have been pronounced the same)
You/ Jew/ Iew/ Ewe:  wooly breeders
Mercy/ Merchant:  same root word
merry/married  Antonio is not merry/married (bc he is in the closet)
gentle is used repeatedly as are all the references to commerce
Who is the merchant of the title and what is being sold?
Portia:  men come from all over the world to look at her chest(s)

Stephen went into the fact that Shylock is rhetorically castrated, he has lost his stones.

Apparently, there was a story recently about a man who was jailed for shooting off his own testicles--these "random" stories are why I love Stephen's lectures!

In seminar with Jay, we watched a great video called Playing Shakespeare where David Suchat and Patrick Stewart debated their portrayals of Shylock.  Very uncomfortable to watch bc Stewart is so intimidating.  It was a great way to end our seminar time this week.  I was so thankful to have the Jewish expert as my seminar leader!

Performance Workshop with Caleen Jennings

Today was the end of our time with Caleen and we were relieved and proud of ourselves.  We practiced our monologues in so many different ways and learned how to look at practicing so many ways.  I was happy to get my austere Cerimon monologue done--I was the epitome of a pedant.

**Special Event today**  We could pose with the First Folio!  As a rule, the librarians are quite serious at the Folger, so it was so special for them to let us act like idiots and take our pic with the Folio.  I really wanted to do something even more cheesy, but this is what I got.

Curriculum Workshop with Sue Biondo-Hench

Sue is such a goddess of education!  I am just in awe of her humility in the midst of her awe-inspiring lesson plans.  Today, we worked on Sonnet 66, antithesis, and Gratiano's speech in 2.6.9-20.  We did some choral reading, short acting, and annotating.  Her students are so lucky to have her as a teacher!

These lessons can all be found on the Folger website, and you can search by play or type of activity.  Check out all the resources!

This evening, I worked on my Toolkit video project and typed up my initial lesson plans.  I have had many compliments about my knowledge of technology and teaching.  I am a "product of my journey" (as Caleen said today).  I am a product of my UTEP professors, AP institute teachers, AP colleagues, my students, and my faculty and admin. from my former school.

Blessed to be Teaching!

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