Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shakespeare Remix and Shakespeare Plagiarized: TSI Friday

It was a great Junior Friday at TSI!  I can't believe I only have one week to go!  I am writing this on a high from getting my research paper done (18 pages on Venice) and my How-To Video project done.  I finally tamed the beast that is Movie Maker and got a good product for our Shakespearean Compliments lesson.

Yesterday was spent in the Reading Room doing last minute research and making sure I had everything I needed.  I came home and worked on my paper until about midnight.  I finished today at about 3 pm.  I not only have a cool paper about Venice, I have cool pictures from documents to show my students before we read Merchant or Othello.

Just watched this great video with Amy Poehler (my doppelganger) about stress.

Taking it bird by bird

Alright, on to our great day on Friday discussing TECHNOLOGY.  I was hoping it wasn't another lecture on the glories of Prezi, and alas, it wasn't.  Chris Shamburg, a TSI alum, presented us with some super cool mega foxy awesome hot ideas for incorporating tech and the bard.

Yep, I'm kinda sassy on this blog today because I have 75% of my TSI work done!

So, we talked about how to use Authentic Shakespeare with Authentic 21st century skills and how to combine Technology and Ethos.  Chris discussed 3 different aspects that are important when integrating technology:  DIY media, participatory culture, and remix & application.

We did a series of stations where we did different tasks involving Shakespeare including:

1.  Station for creating tableaux and students take pictures.
2.  Station where we created an original poem of 10-14 lines using half Shakespeare (we did Othello's anthropaphagi monologue) and half song lyrics ( I used Tom Petty "Running down a Dream")  This is easy to do.  You take the monologue and then choose a few songs with a somewhat similar theme.  Kids mix it up!
3.  We did a Shakespeare in the Gutter activity where we acted out comic book scenes and discovered what would be in the "gutter" of the comic.  This is where the students use INFERENCE!  Fig 19A anyone from Texas?
4.  We used Audacity to record a scene using the Foley technique of sound production.

I learned about some cool websites in addition to Audacity like CCMixster and Free sound.  Chris also introduced us to a technique called Machinima where kid record video games and do the voice over to Shakespeare.

Chris share this funny pic if Shakespeare went through a plagiarism checker:

Yep, that's pretty freakin' funny!

And in the  "cool things I get to do this week" category:  My friend Kim requested the Holinshed Chronicles from the vault and we are gonna check them out this week during tea.

I'm off to have Shirley Temples with Debbie and Darren now!!

Blessed to be Teaching!

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