Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why I am Thankful: Last Week of TSI

I can't believe we only have two days left of TSI!  What a wonderful month it has been!  For my musings today, I am going to list all of the things that I loved about this month:

1.  Lectures with Margaret:  she talks quite fast and you are so intrigued that you train your brain to keep up with her.  She is so charming, so funny, and quite the ham when she wants to be.  She was also so helpful to me with my research paper.  I want to be her when I grow up!

2.  Seminar with Jay:  I was so lucky to have him for Merchant of Venice seminar.  He knows about everything Jewish!  Today he blew my mind with an idea about Hamlet and how he decides not to kill Claudius when Claudius is praying.  Hamlet says he won't because he wants him to be sinning.  A good Christian would want someone to be redeemed for their sins.  Never thought of it that way! Jay was also great with helping on my research paper.

3.  Lecture and Seminar with Stephen:  Stephen and I have the same amalgam of humor and intellect (although he knows 39339383x more than I could ever hope to know).  His notes on Othello that included the ad for "Othello" sheets was hilarious.  He always has some witty comment to throw in that makes you just want more info from this brilliant man.  I will never forget in the middle of one lecture how he told us about a man who shot his testicles off!

This Onion Article is what I picture went on when we turned in our essays to Jay, Margaret, and Stephen:

the Onion

4.  Performance with Caleen:  This woman has some sort of sixth sense.  She is able to pick a monologue that makes you uncomfortable and then you realize--it's you!  Her phrase "Isn't that interesting" really puts our discomfort into the perspective of our students.  She also taught me to kick box and physicalize lines instead of memorizing them.  Oh, we protested that one big time!  But you know what, it works!

5.  Performance with Michael:  This man is the most charming teacher ever.  He is so funny and has such a great way for kids (and us) to explore the text.  Every day, I learn something new that will help me in my classroom.  He is also married to the great Peggy O'Brien who invented the concept of TSI.  I am completely mesmerized by him.

6.  Curriculum with Sue and LoMo:  These two know so much and yet are so humble.  They are really a lesson to people who are Diva Teachers (you know the type).  They are rock star teachers! Their lessons are fantastic and I have learned so many secret ways to do close reading that I may do Shakespeare all year!  They are the types of people that I aspire to be in the classroom.

7.  Time keeping with Bob:  I don't know how this man does it, but he keeps us on schedule every single day.  He knows that he has to be stern with us otherwise we would still be doing work from Week 1.  I love that when we went to the Nats game, this super prepster was wearing a Polo baseball cap!  I am also ever thankful to him for allowing me to do a Skype interview in his office.

8.  And then there are my friends.  I have met really great people here.  People that I know are making a difference every day in their classroom.  People that I would be honored to have as my child's teacher.  We have laughed (really hard sometimes), cried (yep, this place is intense), and learned (about lots of sexual references in plays).  We have conquered the fear of the library staff, ate lunch like cannibals while we listened to guest speakers, and rode a freakin' yellow school bus to the Folger every day!

I am sad to leave here, but I really, REALLY miss my dear husband and my daughters!  Only two more days and then I am back.

By the way, I start school on MONDAY!!

Blessed to be Teaching!


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